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In today’s business world, you can connect with us from any corner of the globe at your own pace. This technological luxury is made possible by interactive Webinar products, such as WebEx and GoToMeeting.

“It is important for organizations to win the trust of their customers before they can hope to convert them,” said Jen Doyle, the Benchmark Report’s lead author. Trainings24x7 Webinars offer an effective platform to come up to your expectations which is an essential components to winning trust. The webinars is just the icing on the cake for our customers, so we decided to include webinars as part of our Customer Satisfaction plans.

Many webinars are free. I put that in quotes because, dear reader, as I’m sure you know … nothing in life is free. Your are actually paying for that free webinar with an hour of your valuable time, which, for a busy professional, is a very high price indeed.

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