EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation Certification

Certification Overview:
EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation is a demanding certification required by many IT organizations all over the world. The Cloud Computing Elementary Professional Certification provides clearly and concisely the basis of cloud computing. It is a technology of providing computational power on tap for IT service and allows IT service providers to concentrate on their chief competence by managing customers without worrying about the difficulties of infrastructure. This certification helps IT professionals who are looking forward to improve their knowledge on cloud computing and willing to attain globally recognized cloud certification.

Certification Learning Objectives:

1. Making a business plan for Cloud.
2. Cloud Computing and performance improvement.
3. Designing the right implementation strategy.
4. The available options (software / platform / infrastructure as a service).
5. The possibilities offered by different options.

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What is Cloud Computing environment?
It is a platform that involves delivering hosted services over the internet. These services are divided into three categories –
1. Infrastructure-as-a-Services (IaaS)
2. Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
3. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

How is cloud computing different from other computing like utility, on-demand and grid?

Cloud computing is the combination ability of on-demand and grid computing. Utility is metered consumption of IT services, and Grid computing is the ability to harness large collections of independent computer resources to perform large tasks. With these combine qualities, Cloud computing is today’s most existing IT delivery paradigm.

Are you an accredited training organization?

Yes, we are accredited.

Which organization you are accredited from?

We are accredited from EXIN, which is an ISO certified organization and a trusted name in information management. EXIN is a market leader in IT service management certification especially in Cloud Computing Certification. Cloud certification is highly in demand by many IT organizations.

Why EXIN Cloud Certification?

EXIN Cloud Certificate demonstrates that the people actually possess the competencies they require in order to do their work effectively. It offers you to internationally recognized IT certificates that others rarely provide. EXIN provides the most comprehensive information management exams world-wide.

Is training necessary for me?

For some certification exams you don’t need training but it is highly recommended to get training if you are planning for cloud certification.

What is the training duration you provide?

2 days

Is there any prerequisite for this certification?

No, though knowledge and one year and above experience in IT industry is desirable.

Are your trainers experienced or certified?

Yes, we have industry-relevant trainers who are certified and working professionals.

What is your training delivery method?

Presently we only provide classroom training method.

What is training fee?
INR 14950.00

You can check the EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation Exam Fee Details Here

Does your training fee also include exam fee?

Do you conduct Exam?

Yes, we conduct exam on the last day of training session.

Course / Exam Content:
What is Cloud Computing?
– Background of Cloud Computing and evolution.
– Defining Cloud Computing – Abstraction and Virtualisation.
– Cloud types – Deployment models, Service models, Cloud Cube model.
– Benefits of Cloud Computing.
– Disadvantages of Cloud Computing.

Value proposition of Cloud Computing

– Cloud’s value measure
– Challenges and obstacles of Cloud Computing
– People and organizational behavioural factors to cloud adoption
– Measurement of Cloud Computing cost
– Capital expenditure and right sizing
– Total cost of ownership in Cloud
– Service level agreements and licensing models

Cloud Architecture

– Cloud Computing stack – Overview
– Composability
– Infrastructure
– Platforms
– Appliances
– Communication protocols
– Connecting to the Cloud

Understanding services and applications

– Defining Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
– Defining Platform as a Service (PaaS)
– Defining Software as a Service (SaaS)
– Defining Identity as a Service (IDaas)
– Defining Compliance as a Service (CaaS)
– Understanding Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

– Applications in the Cloud

– Working with Cloud based storage
– Using productivity applications
– Cloud mail service

Cloud Infrastructure Management and Security

– Cloud management
– Cloud administration
– Management responsibility
– Life Cycle Management
– Cloud management products
– Emerging Cloud management standards
– Securing the Cloud
– Securing data
– Establishing identity and presence

Emerging Cloud Computing trends and innovations

– Exploring Platform as a Service
– Google and Amazon – Web service examples
– Microsoft Cloud services
– Using the mobile Cloud

Target group

EXIN Cloud Computing Certification is for everyone playing a role or having an interest in the use and management of internet based services. Specific roles that would benefit are:

1. IT specialists
2. IT technical service specialists (IT, security, infrastructure services, systems, etc)
3. IT relationship managers
4. IT architects
5. Business and IT management
6. Business process owners
7. Risk management employees
8. Consultants
9. Analysts

Certification Exam Format:

1. Number of question – 40
2. Exam duration – 60 minutes
3. Exam type – Multiple types
4. Examination Structure : Online electronic form or paper based examination
5. Open book / self notes – No
6. Delivery: Paper Based Examination
7. Any electronic equipment allowed – No

Benefits of Cloud Certification:

1. Helps you to develop a business case for moving services to the cloud.
2. More job opportunities.
3. Stability in recessions.
4. Globally accepted by IT organizations.
5. Stand out from the crowd as an extra skills and knowledge.

Why to Choose Trainings24x7 for Cloud Certification Training?

1. An accredited training organization.
2. Approved Course materials.
3. Multiple Free Practice Tests.
4. 100% Assurance.
5. Training by experienced and certified trainers
6. Free Resources

What’s Included in the Training

We include following in our training session:

  • Trainings24x7 Study material
  • Certificate*
  • Experienced and excellent Trainer
  • Official exam (Optional)


* If you pass the exam


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