Differences Between Traditional Marketing And Digital Marketing

06 Jul Differences Between Traditional Marketing And Digital Marketing


The major difference between the traditional marketing and digital marketing is discussed below:

1.Traditional marketing: 


  • When it comes to the marketing of a product through the means of traditional marketing techniques like paper ads, radio, billboard, or television, all of them require a business to spend a huge amount of expenses to reach their potential customers.


  • The coverage of the product, in the case of traditional marketing, is used on the platforms like radio, television, or paper. Well, this kind of platforms will not provide you the enough exposure as this kind of traditional platforms will highlight your product for a very short period of time.


  • Every individual doesn’t have access to the Internet. There are people who are not aware of the Internet. Also, many of the rural area citizens could not afford to reach the Internet facility. This is when traditional marketing proves to be effective when it comes to drawing the attention of the target audience.


  • Keeping a track of the sales of your product on a regular basis is very important to grow your company. So, when it comes to keeping track of the strategies, it is quite difficult and time-consuming to keep track of traditional marketing strategies. In this case, it would take a lot of effort in analyzing the behavior of the customers against your products.

2.Digital marketing:


  • Alternatively, Digital marketing can make you reach your target audience in a very cost-efficient way. Moreover, the digital marketing strategies give you an opportunity to use some of the virtually free strategies as well.


  • However, choosing online platforms for the coverage of your product will allow the user to find your product whenever required. It will always be available on the Internet, and people can get to know about it whenever they need it.


  • On the other hand, the Internet freak people who are familiar with the digital world are easier to reach through various online marketing techniques.


  • Whereas, it’s far easy to track in case of digital marketing strategies. The software like email marketing, google analytics among others will provide you details about the number of people who view your message and the number of people who purchased your product online.


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