What Is The Passing Score For PMP Examination?

05 Oct What Is The Passing Score For PMP Examination?

PMP Passing Score For PMP Examination (Myths Vs. Facts)


“Can you please let me know what the passing score for the PMP exam is? How many questions have to be answered correctly, out of 200 to pass the PMP?”

I got this email last week in my inbox. One of our subscribers asked this questions and I decided to provide him a detailed explanation on this. However, there are many myths roundabout the PMP passing score as many people talk about it differently. If you asked me “what is the exact passing score for PMP examination?”, my direct answer is – There is no pre-defined criteria mentioned by PMI® on this. It means – there is NO exact passing score for PMP examination. However, a long ago, there was 61.5 % passing score officially published by PMI®.

How Does PMI® Calculate Passing Score?

Actually, PMI® determines passing score based on the difficulties of the set of PMP exam questions someone has answered. I have analyzed that – the best way to ensure your PMP exam is – to get minimum 75% to 80% in quality PMP Exam Sample Questions (click here to get free one full simulation test – 200Qs).The PMI no longer will officially state a passing score. They do not want us to study just enough to pass, they want us to really know and understand the PMBOK and the processes and why they exist.

What Are The Percentage Of Questions From Five Different Domains? package_sub_heading= According to the PMP Examination Content Outline, the number of questions for the five domains is as below:


Percentage Of Questions (%)

Initiation 13
Planning 24
Executing 30
Monitoring and Controlling 25
Closing 8

How Many PMP Exam Question Should You Answer Correctly To Pass The PMP Exam?

For better understanding – there is a way of knowing how much you have to score. You can state that it should be 115 out of 175, with the remaining 25 used as assessment questions. But as it is not determined during the exam which are the 25, it makes it comfortable to assume that getting 150 out of 200 should be the target for getting pmp certified.

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