59 Most Common VMware vSphere Job Interview Questions-Answers

05 Aug 59 Most Common VMware vSphere Job Interview Questions-Answers

Research says that most businesses will shift their present business environment into cloud / virtual environment by 2018.

There are several VMware certified or non-certified professionals search for the most common VMware vSphere job interview questions. Today, I’m going to share 59 most common VMware vSphere Job interview questions in this blog so that you can get the ideas and get prepare well while going for the interview.

You can find good interview questions as they have been drafted by industry experts and after research.

  1. What is a Hypervisor?
  2. What is the hardware version used in VMware ESXi 5.5?
  3. What is the difference between the vSphere ESX and ESXi architectures?
  4. What is a .vmdk file?
  5. What are the different types of virtualization?
  6. Server Virtualization – consolidating multiple physical servers into virtual servers that run on a single physical server.
  7. What is VMware vMotion and what are its requirements?
  8. What is the difference between clone and template in VMware?
  9. What is promiscuous mode in Vmware?
  10. What is the difference between Thick provision Lazy Zeroed, Thick provision Eager Zeroed and Thin provision?
  11. What is a snapshot?
  12. What is VDI?
  13. What is VMware HA?
  14. What is the difference between VMware HA and vMotion?
  15. What is storage vMotion?
  16. What is VMware DRS and how does it works?
  17. What is VMware Fault Tolerance?
  18. In a cluster with more than 3 hosts, can you tell Fault Tolerance where to put the Fault Tolerance virtual machine or
  19. How many virtual CPUs can I use on a Fault Tolerant virtual machine ?
  20. What happens if vCenter Server is offline when a failover event occurs?
  21. What is the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Hypervisor?
  22. How does vSphere HA works?
  23. What are the monitoring methods used for vSphere HA?
  24. What are the roles of master host in vSphere HA?
  25. How is a Master host elected in vSphere HA environment?
  26. If the vCenterserver goes down with a situation that it was pre configured with vSphere HA and DRS, so after power down
  27. Will HA and DRS perform their task?
  28. What is the use of vmware tools?
  29. Tell me about your current virtualization environment and what is your day to day activity as a VMware administrator.
  30. What is the backup solution you are using in your environment and how does it backs up your environment.
  31. Do you have any idea P2V, how to perform P2V. please Explain.
  32. How do you patch the ESXi host and VMs, explain the Update Manager.
  33. Tell me the process to find out the RCA for PSOD of an ESXi host.
  34. How to enable the Memory ballooning for a VM.
  35. I got a request from Application team that they need a server basically running with SQL DB, which will require 3 network VLAN, eg – Backup, end user and replication. What you will ask your network team to configure their physical switch and what configuration you will made on VC ( networking level). Please explain.
  36. How to connect a USB drive to a virtual machine.
  37. What is the command to get all snapshot details lying on a datastore.
  38. What is RAID 6.
  39. Tell me the maximum number of snapshot in a VM.
  40. Suppose you have one cluster of 2 ESXi host, where on one host, particular one VM is consuming the high CPU and Memory usage, and creating the performance crunch on another VMs on that host, how you’ll fix the issue.
  41. What are the storage technologies? Please explain.
  42. What are the difference between iSCSI, FC, FCOE and NFS. Please explain.
  43. What is zoning and masking.
  44. What is required for zoning and masking.
  45. What are the networking Bandwidth options available in VMware? i.e. – on vSwicth level.
  46. What is the port number for iSCSI.
  47. In case my VC goes down, does HA and DRS will work? Please explain.
  48. What is the command to force power off a VM. 21. What is FT and What are the minimum requirement for FT. 22. What technology behind the HA?
  49. How to repair the disk descriptor header file.
  50. How to configure syslog server
  51. ESXi disconnection issue, what is the command to fix the disconnected host.
  52. Linked mode VC.
  53. Difference between esxi 4 & esx5
  54. what happen if vmotion stops in between 10% and how to fix it?
  55. Difference between vmotion and storage Vmotion.
  56. what happen if a host is being removed from a cluster and what about those VMs running on that host?
  57. P2V and V2V, what is the requirement of this, why we use V2V and how to do V2V.
  58. What is a Clone and linked clone, what is the use for linked clone.
  59. How to restart the Vcenter service using the command prompt.

For More – Google them and find the best possible answer to get yourself prepared.

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