17 Aug 7 Benefits of PMI Membership for PMP Certification Exam

The Project Management Institute (PMI), USA is one of the leading worldwide associations for the project management profession. PMI’s fundamental aim is to advance the practice, science and profession of project management throughout the world in a meticulous and practical manner so that companies can embrace, value and utilize project management and then attribute their success to it.

Individuals regularly address the estimation of Project Management Institute (PMI) participation and ask whether it’s truly worth the charge, which is $129 for every year. I believe that most individuals aren’t mindful of the profits that PMI participation offers. Subsequently, I chose to address this matter focused around my experience. Here’s an autonomous undertake the benefits of PMI membership.

1. Save You Certification Exam Cost:

The most important benefit to become PMI’s member is – you save you PMP certification exam cost.  Do you know that PMI Membership + PMP Certification exam cost for members are less than just PMP exam cost or fee for non-members.

Let’s See How:

PMI Membership = $139 (including $10 Application Fees)

PMP Exam Fee for members = $405

Total cost of Membership and Exam = $544 (Member cost)

PMP Certification Exam Cost of Nonmembers = $555 (non-member cost)

Refer to the PMP Handbook for more details.

2. You will get a free copy of all PMI Standards (Including PMBOK®)

As a PMI member, you are entitled to a free copy of all the standards that PMI publishes. Members can download a free copy (PDF) from the Library of PMI Global standards. Most importantly, PMP and CAPM aspirants can download a free copy of the PMBOK® Guide, Fifth Edition and can save about $40 right there!

What the Standards Include?

Foundational Standards

  •  PMBOK® Guide – Fifth Edition
  • The standard for Program Management – 3rd Edition
  • The Standard for Portfolio Management – 3rd Edition
  • Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3®) – 3rd Edition

Practice Standards and Frameworks

  • Practice standard for Project risk Management
  • Practice standard for Earned Value Management – 2nd edition
  • Practice Standard for Project Configuration Management
  • Few More

PMI standard Extension

  • Software Extension to the PMBOK® Guide 5th Edition
  • Construction Extension to the PMBOK® Guide 3rd Edition
  • Government Extension to the PMBOK® Guide, 3rd Edition

3. Free Online Access to Project Management Books

As a PMI Member, you get a free online access of project management books to over 200 project management books from Books24x7. You can find that some of the books will be very useful for your PMP Certification exam preparation.

If you’re preparing for the PMP or CAPM Exam, here are some links to useful resources on Books24x7 that may help you prepare for the exam.

4. Access PMP Specific Interest Groups (SIGs)

Another benefit of becoming a PMI Member is that, you can join PMI Specific Interest Groups (SIGs) depending on the area of your expertise and interest. Many of these SIGs conduct free webinars for their members that can be used to earn PDUs for PMP re-certification.

5. Get Benefited from Local Project Management (PM) Community

Once you become a PMI Member, you can be able to sign-up for your local PMI chapter. Local PMI chapters can provide you a decent platform for learning from experts. Local chapters conduct PMP exam preparation training workshops for PMP aspirants. Sometimes, they offer discounts on these workshops.

6. Free PM Newsletters, Journals, Magazines, and More

You get free subscription the following once you become a PMI Member:

  • PMBOK® Guide CD-ROM
  • PM Network – Monthly (hard copy)
  • Journals, Newsletters, Magazines, and few more.

7. Discount on books, software, and other Materials

You can get discount on all published books, software, articles, research papers, and other merchandise. Apart from these, you also get discounts on PMI’s Global congresses, Research conferences, eSeminarWorld (virtual seminars), which can also help you earn PDU’s


PMI membership is a good value for money. There’s a massive value that all members can obtain from it.

If any benefits I forgot to mention here, please mention in comment box below.

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