12 Jun How to Fill PMP Application Form Online

Many PMP (Project Management Professional) exam aspirants ask questions – how to fill PMP application form online? Is it complex process? etc. So dear aspirants, don’t need to be fear because the process of filling PMP application online. Actually, the online application form for PMP Certification is very straight forward and the only part that you need to pay special attention is – Project Management Experiences that will consume most of your time to figure the information out.

This short article has been designed to let you know the process of filling online PMP Certification exam application.

Filling the PMP Online Application Form:

When filling your project management experiences, you will need to:

  1. Give a title to each project
  2. Specify your role in the project (which is usually different from your job title, e.g. Project Leader, Project Coordinator, Project Expeditor, etc.)
  3. Add name and contact methods of your supervisor
  4. Fill in the number of hours used on each process groups:
  •         Initiating the Project
  •         Planning the Project
  •         Executing the Project
  •         Controlling and Monitoring the Project
  •         Closing the Project

Compose the project description of around 500 characters which should include: a brief description of the project, objectives, key deliverables, project outcome, as well as your personal role.

After filling all the personal details in Contact Address, Contact E-mail, Phone, Attained Education field you need to go to Requirements.



This will show your required PM Experience in Months depending upon your education qualification you have entered. Now to enter your project management Experience click on PM Experience.

Click on Add Experience

Enter all Project Specific information details here and then click on Save and Continue.



Now enter Organization detail



Now enter your organization contact whom PMI may contact to verify your experience in the project so enter the contact number which is latest and s/he is available. We will suggest you to inform her/him about it so that he cannot be surprised when PMI contact him.



Now the BIG thing come up where the people generally have problems.

For each project, you need to list by each of the five Process Groups, the number of hours you have spent leading and directing the projects. Below is the average percentage of the total time spent in one general project.
Initiating – 11%
Planning – 25%
Execution – 44%
Monitoring and Controlling – 14%
Closing – 6%
Therefore you can divide your total project time in above format and then enter accordingly. This is what I suggest my candidates however you can chose your way in filling the timing details. Then Click on Save and Continue.




Now in the space provided here, write summary about the project ensuring that your description is between 300 and 550 characters. The summary should include the project objectives and your role, as well as key deliverables and outcomes by Process Groups.

Note: Below shown entered text is just a sample and should not be copied.



Then click on Save and Continue

Similarly you can add your project experience for multiple projects.

Flowchart for PMP Form Submission Procedure:


When should you seek PMP Certification?
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