01 Jun When should you seek PMP Certification?

Should a manager in midcareer look for a PMP certification? Which IT zones are best suited to the PMP? Learn why the PMP is a good fit for certain IT managers -and what inspired one prepared PM to get the certification.

You’ve climbed through the IT positions throughout the years. You’ve seen projects that made it and projects that fizzled. In your excursion you’ve turned into an IT manager. Despite the fact that you’re fight tried, now may be the correct time to formalize your experience with an affirmation.

For managers included in launching, arranging, or running extend, the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI) may be the right cert to seek after. In the IT field, the PMP may be ideal for chiefs who are intensely included in territories, for example, programming building or system outline IT anticipates. The PMP certification shows that a project manager (PM) comprehends the basics of task management and can place them into practice.

Solid inspirations

What’s the purpose of getting a certification when your vocation is solidly settled? While certifications aren’t all that, they may make your name emerge in a stack of resumes.

Obviously, the PMP certification is useful for more than simply having a job. You recorded two more purposes behind winning the certification amidst his profession. To start with, numerous associations have their project management style. “Throughout the years, you have a tendency to create your style and inclination, which may mean you have both great and unfortunate propensities. Certificate fortifies the great stuff and gives gauges and structure to change the negative behavior patterns.

The PMI’s project management measures give a robust base that makes it simpler to acquaint changes with inward strategies and procedures.

Useful for forward-confronting associations

The PMP certificate is useful for chiefs, yet it’s only useful for executives. Having the PMP makes you a more significant worker.


Your PMP experience doesn’t end when you get confirmed. To keep your certificate, you must finish 60 hours of the PMI’s Professional Development Units (PDUs) inside three years. In the event that you don’t keep current, you need to re-apply, be discovered qualified to take the test, pay the $555 test expense, and pass the test again to be recertified.

The PMI offers a few approaches to gain PDUs. Numerous urban areas have PMI parts that hold month to month gatherings that peculiarity a speaker or project management related capacity. Each one gathering considers one PDU hour. You can additionally procure PDUs by:

  • Going to PMI workshops and symposiums.
  • Composing a paper and conveying it at a workshop or a symposium.
  • Taking part in your nearby PMI section.
  • Serving on a section board.
  • Serving as a board part for the PMI.
  • A PMP and a part of the PMI’s Certification Board Center and PDUs is a path for PMPs to stay on top of project management patterns and make contacts with different PMPs.

Indeed in midcareer, managers in specific ranges of the IT field can profit from accomplishing a PMP affirmation. The PMP shows your project management mastery, aides remedy unfortunate propensities you’ve gotten through the years, and makes you both a more important worker and an additionally enticing occupation applicant.

Why Demand for PMP Certified Project Managers on a rise in 2014 ?

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