28 May Demand for Certified Project Managers on a Rise. Why?

Why Demand for PMP Certified Project Managers on a rise in 2014 ?


Most economic gurus are considering that the current economic slowdown may have gripped several job profiles in companies for different sectors and but there is one role that is seeing a consistent upswing in demand that of a Project Manager.

Several staffing firm attest to rise in demand for the role. The project manager’s role is a sector-neutral, and they are witnessing an increase of 10 – 15 % in demand for project managers across industries. In spite of the slumps in most of the sectors, constructions (if we take as an example) are seeing a continuous demand for project managers. So what are the reasons behind companies demand only for PMP certified professionals?

Why organizations are setting up PMO (Project Management Office) nowadays?

Project Management Office is being set up by large scale companies in order to –

  • Setup a high level body to administer the performance of the respective projects.
  • Ensure the quality that is being adhered to
  • Keep a repository of templates, knowledge base of lessons learnt
  • Showcase their work for future reference that helps make them brand.

Why you need to be PMP Certified Project Manager?


Naturally, the role of a project manager has always been associated with Information Technology Industry, but given the competitive scenario, this role has become critical across industries. Organizations realize that their running / existing projects will have to be executed and retained from competitors. With a project manager, understanding of companies’ customers becomes better for clients and delivery improves. Experts believe that the pressure is on the project manager to deliver when the going is good. But when times are tough, the pressure is on cost. The project manager has to survive and deliver within fixed costs. With current irrespective of the state of economy, a good project manager will always find a job and will be in calls.

PMI estates that a large number of project managers are working around the world and the needs of certified project managers will surely increase the demand in next coming years. Industry experts estimate that sectors like IT, engineering, banking, infrastructures, telecom and pharma have a significant demand and are continuing to hire.

The hefty demand increases the pool of PMP certification training institutes.  Trainings24x7 is one of the corporate / professional training companies that have trained thousands of professionals so far. It is a fast growing corporate training company in Delhi, and has a clear vision to change every individual’s life by providing quality training service. As customers always demand a higher return on investment and it gives them greater confidence if companies deploy certified professional on their projects.

Differences in handling Projects from Non-Certified – 

Most organizations have basically two parts – internal certification and industry-recognized certification such as Project management professionals (PMPs). More than 75 % of their project managers are certified internally but the number of industry-recognized certified project managers is more than two percent of the workforce. While PMP certifications ensure that their managers have requisite knowledge about global best practices, internal certification ensure that their managers know how to implement best practices.

Why Project Management Certification Matters?

Project Management helps in bringing sanity to the project through the following key points –

  • Planning, risks identification and easing steps
  • Effective communication and stakeholder identification
  • Demarcating roles and responsibilities
  • Defining the scope, timeline and cost required to carry out the project.

Why do most organizations prefer PMP® Certified Project Managers?

  • It gives a specialized individuals moving into Project Management part an all encompassing picture of the PM procedure and additionally help them better comprehend the difficulties that are confronted in overseeing tasks.
  • Customers lean toward Project Managers with PMP® and other PM certificates to deal with their task. This is on the grounds that PMI® Project Management skeleton is an accepted standard for best practices.  Therefore when allotting or enlisting project managers, associations favor those with PMP®.
  • While PMP® does not consequently show all of you the low down of the task administration space; it does set out a strong establishment and furnishes the people with a schema for execution in their future projects.
  •  A Project Manager is required to perform and assume a part in different phases of the undertaking beginning from start to wanting to execution to observing and control. PMP® instruction helps in solidly taking a gander at the entire procedure.
  • The PMP® course and certificate helps the Project Manager to recollect the key standards at all times and take after the best practice.

The Benefits of Certifications

The PMP certification establishes a common language among project managers and assists each other work within a common framework. Once you have the PMP, you need to think over how you’re applying the processes, tools, and techniques to projects. By sharing how you apply the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) framework and demonstrating that through actions, you will build your own personal brand within the company as someone who can deliver. With each success, you find experiences on larger projects across programs in different business organizations. By demonstrating greater competency managing more complex projects, you’ll also be able to compete for more senior positions.

However, certification is merely an analysis of your project skills; it validates academic competency, but it doesn’t prove you have a historic track record of success. When hiring project managers, companies often look for the PMP certification to screen incoming resumes and prioritize candidates for interview. Although, some using the PMP to look for leadership behaviors across different projects. Anyone can become a PMP with enough study and creative experience, but the successful project managers have a track record of successful delivery to clients using the PMBOK framework.

What are the Job / Career Prospects of PMP Certified Project Managers in coming years?

As you read above for the reasons of high demand of PMP® certified individuals, career with PMP certification will improve. More for clarification read PMP Certification Job Prospects

Ultimately, industry experts believe long-term career success depends on the person and not the credentials.

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