24 Apr PMP Exam Guide – Product Scope, Project Scope, and Requirements

At the time of PMP preparation, I was really confused by the terms “product scope, project scope, and requirements”. In search of meaning for these terms in PMP exam guide, I looked at PMBOK Guide but its academic definition blurred my mind completely. I think, the easiest way to understand anything / concept is to look over some examples.  I was thinking that I will get many examples in PMBOK Guide, but unfortunately it doesn’t have.

Even though, the most popular exam preparation guides don’t provide detailed examples. I have searched a lot and now I have better understanding on Product Scope, Project Scope, and Requirements. Let me understand you about these terms with proper example that will reinforce the concepts.

PMBOK Guide Definitions for Product Scope, Project Scope, and Requirements:

Product Scope:

It is the features and functions that characterize a product, service, or a result.

Project Scope:

The work that must be performed to deliver a product, service, or, result with the specified features and functions.


A conditions or capability that must be met or possessed by a system, product, service, result, or component to satisfy a contract, standard, specification, or other formally imposed documents. Requirements include the quantified and documented needs, wants, expectations of the sponsor, customer, and other stakeholders.

Easy and Conceptual Definitions for Product Scope, Project Scope, and Requirements:

Product Scope:

It is all about a piece of works that helps in producing the product.

Project Scope:

It generally refers to the requirements based on the “product” of the project.


Requirements refer to actual needs of the customers. It can be of many types based on project type.

For example:

  1. Product related requirements
  2. Performance requirements
  3. Project management requirements
  4. Quality requirements etc


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To understand in an easy way, let’s take an example of “House” as a product.

Suppose you have a land and you want to construct a house, so what includes in product scope, project scope, and requirements in this case.

Product Scope:

A house must have – three storeys, 1000 sq.m. of built-up area, four bedrooms with attached baths, two living rooms, a kitchen, a basement and a garage. The exteriors should be green.

Project Scope:

It includes –

  • Hiring a building contractor
  • Architect
  • Interior designer
  • Legal permits from Govt. officials
  • Estimating the cost
  • Bank loan
  • Planning for risks such as rain and storms and other natural disaster
  • House designing
  • Buying construction material
  • Constructing the house
  • Checking the interiors and its design
  • Purchasing furniture
  • Conducting inspections during constructions
  • Conducting regular site visits to track the progress and resolving disputes
  • Making payments
  • Closing contracts, and moving in


  • Quality Requirements – Cement
  • Performance Requirements – Earth-quake proof for the house
  • Project Management Requirements – checking weekly progress updates and making monthly payments.

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Hope, this short article would have helped you.

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