23 Apr PMP Certification Job Prospects

PMP Certification Job Prospects

Are you looking to advance in your career prospects in project management industry?
Are you anxious about which career prospect is good especially money wise? Well, you need to define how much money makes you happy.
Are you not sure whether you should go for full / part time MBA or PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification?

At present, the job market is a very competitive place due to tough economy state. A large numbers of graduates with similar skill sets are fighting it out for the same pool of jobs. So, it is very vital to set yourself stand out from them. For those who are in the project management industry, certification in project management or PMP Certification is one way you can do this.

In this article, we will tell you today how a certificate in project management can boost your job as well as career prospects.

Well, having a PMP certification is something that is becoming more and more vital these days in terms of job, career, and money advancement. Gone are the days when organizations had been working on projects and worked on them and get them done. Now, with international standards coming into place a lot of organizations are tightening the budget strings and that is the place a project manager proves to be handy. Project Managers are procured for their capability to run projects, and not to recognize what the project bargain with.

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Why PMP Certification?

If you are a person who can adhere to deadlines, than being a project manager is the right job for you. There is always a high demand for PMP Certified Managers over non-pmp certified project managers.

There are several benefits to having a PMP certification to your name, so let’s see some of PMP Certification Job Prospects:

Increasing demand for PMP certified among organizations:

According to the latest report projected by PMI, the job market for PMP certified has been increased and improving the demand for certified project management professionals. Most IT employers looking for specific skills sets with PMP certification because they know well they understand what the business needs are and how to deliver effectively.

Get noticed quickly:

The PMP certification establishes a common language among project managers and makes you stand out from the crowd while facing interviews in big organizations. Chicago based companies always demand for project managers on contract basis and pay you unbelievable annual package.

Career and job advancement:

With a view to seeing present job markets and tough competitions among brand organizations, PMP certification with project management experience is mandatory. Non-pmp resumes do not show much attention to employers and they easily reject them. PMP certified over non certified candidates get much attention while making an employment decision. It helps you in both career and job advancement. They also get big amount as salary.

Highest Salaries:

The latest salary survey from the PMI proves that project management remains a money-spinning IT career. It also reveals the factors that project management professionals are getting salaries the most.

See below the salary survey table:

Annualized Salary By Position Description:
Position Percent Reporting 25th Percentile Median 75th Percentile
PMO Director 6% $105,000 $127,000 $151,000
Portfolio Manager 6% $101,000 $125,000 $151,000
Program Manager 24% $97,000 $115,000 $135,000
Project Manager III 28% $89,000 $102,000 $120,000
Project Manager II 16% $78,000 $92,975 $110,000
Project Manager I 9% 70,050 $87,000 $105,000

Source: Salary Survey

After reading the benefits and advancement in career and job prospects of having a Certificate in Project Management I hope, you are looking forward to knowing how to prepare for PMP certification exam.

Read How to prepare for PMP Certification which has been written by PMP certified trainer. It will help you.

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