22 Apr Project Planning Vs. Project Management Planning

Project Planning Vs. Project Management Planning

When it comes to defining a project (also called “Scope” of the project), you set parameters and build the box to hold the project plan. So, the planning in any kind of project is – the details of how the project will be accomplished. Planning tells you what is inside and what is outside of the box.

Project Planning Project Management Planning
Project Planning is a approved documents that describes what the project is about, how it will be conducted, what it will deliver, what it will cost, when it will take place, and who will be involved. Project Management Planning involves the management system deals with “HOW” part of the project and used by the project team.
It is high level planning and described by broad details. It is described by in short details.
It defines the project vision It defines the execution that needs to be achieved project vision
It is coordinated with others enterprise-level efforts It helps on HOW to do it.
It is prepared by project manager It is prepared and approved by senior-level manager.


The content of the project planning should contain/describe the following:

  1. Introduction and summary
  2. Goals and objectives
  3. Quantified and business benefits
  4. Scope
  5. Approach
  6. Project schedule and major milestones
  7. Project tasks and products
  8. Tools and techniques to be employed
  9. Project organization, key roles and size of the team
  10. Estimated resources
  11. Project budget and risks

In addition, you may also include the following documents in the project plan that gives detailed levels of information:

  1. Project standards
  2. Project risks management approach
  3. Issue management approach
  4. Change control and configuration management procedures
  5. Detailed information about tools, techniques and technologies that are being used.


To be a complete project plan as stated by industry principles, for example, the PMBOK, the undertaking arrangement should also depict the execution, services and control of the task. This data could be given by referencing different reports that will be handled, for example, a Procurement Plan or Construction Plan, or it may be nitty-gritty in the task plan itself.

AND, a Project Management Plan is an approved formal document that defines how the project is executed, monitored and controlled. This document may be a composed of one or more other planning documents.

What is Project Management PLan?

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