09 Dec What is Project Management PLan?

Project Management Plan: The Complete Definition

Project Management plan is a planning document which captures the complete project lifecycle from initiation till closure of the project.  It is one of the primary documents of any project which you will refer at every stage of your project. Generally the project team who create the project management plan and get it approved by the authorized body.


Planning is very important for success of your project. It is said that the more you take time in planning your project and better you plan the lesser time it will take in completion of your project and still the probability of success is more. So you can see how important the planning is. Therefore we plan our project and we create a plan for every aspect of the project. While planning process we create

  • Change management Plan:
  • Communications management Plan:
  • Configuration management plan
  • Cost baseline
  • Cost management plan
  • Human resource management plan
  • Process improvement plan
  • Procurement management plan
  • Scope baseline
    • Project Scope Statement
    • WBS
    • WBS dictionary
  •  Quality management plan
  • Requirements management plan
  • Risk management plan
  • Schedule baseline
  • Schedule management plan
  • Scope management plan
  • Stakeholder management plan

And a project management plan is integrated whole of above subsidiary plans. In addition the project management plan guides you about how your project will be executed, monitored and controlled and then how it will be closed.

The approach of creating project management plan generally depends on the project’s size and context and different people do it differently.

Few document the entire project, with all the underlying planning details within the same master plan.Few writes separate subsidiary planning documents and then linked or referenced it in the master plan and few do it in other way. The approach depends and varies for different people but the project management plan serves the same purpose as mentioned above.



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  • Punit
    Posted at 15:54h, 09 December

    Good explanation. I was searching about it and found it here. What would you say or how it differs from Project Schedule?

  • M Ali
    Posted at 16:31h, 09 December

    Project schedule define project on timeline and project management plan tells you how you will execute, monitor and control and then close the project. I will post a blog highlighting the difference between them.
    Thanks for asking

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