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Gone are the days when jobs were in plenty and you were getting many calls from job consultants to offer you jobs. Scenarios have changed and you must show your worth to others to grow in your career. Jobs are there but in limited numbers and and winner is the one has reach to the job and possesses right skills.

Here is two-point approach which will help you getting to the right job at the right time. I have said just two points but these two points gives you many other actions to perform. You are solely responsible for these actions because THIS IS YOUR CAREER AND YOUR DREAMS. There is a proverb “Opportunity does not knocks twice” and I fully agree with this  AND a step before is that opportunity should know where to knock, is it you or someone else?

My two-points approach:

1. Plan your career and acquire right skills

2. Advertise yourself
1. Plan your career and acquire right skills

There is no substitute of good planning. Without planning, things can go right once or twice but there are more chances of failures than success without proper planning.

Follow these steps to plan your career growth:

– Assess your current capabilities, skills and qualifications
– Define your short term and long term goals
– Identify the skills you will need to achieve your goals.
– Define the timeline to achieve these goals and set milestones for your short term goals as well
– revisit your plan on regular basis and modify whenever necessary
– MUST CELEBRATE WITH YOUR NEAR AND DEAR ONCE when you achieve milestones


2. Advertise yourself

Am I a commodity who should advertise myself? Ironically, this is true. We must advertise ourselves to get noticed by our prospective employers our prospective business partners and to all those who will help us achieving my goals set by me in point ONE. Not all is bad. In the age of internet and social networking, advertising is not so difficult and not at all expensive. Most important, you must do it on regular basis and no wonder planning has no substitute.

There are plenty of ways of advertising yourself. Few of them I am listing here based on my approach.


– LinkedIn

Amazing tool to achieve your professional growth. Create your profile today if you don’t have one.

– Job websites

There are many in numbers and based on your region you can find good ones. The reason I am saying based on your region because this will help you to find local job more effectively.

– Register with job consultants

You will find plenty and it is very difficult to decide which ones are good. My approach is to see your regional newspapers and see which consultants are publishing more jobs relevant to you and how regularly. Choose few of them you find good and register yourself.

The reason I chose number one as LinkedIn because most of the time later two also go to LinkedIn to look for the right candidates first.

The key to success in advertising ourselves is the “regular updates to your profile”. Very few will be intrested in visiting a profile which was last updated 2 years  back.This will not only show your latest profile to the world but also brings your profile to the top in the search result. CREATE REMINDERS IN YOUR CALENDAR NOW!!!

Last but not the least  recommendation in Point 2 is “Advertise yourselves by writing blogs “. Show to the world about your possessed skills and let others know what you know. Share your interest and passion with others and let other learn from your knowledge and experiences.Leave your impressions on people’s mind and let them remember you for longer times.
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