25 Nov Assumptions and Constraints


How good it would be if you had all the validated information, all the certainty in front of you before you plan for your project. But this doesn’t happen and you cannot wait for all the information available to you and then you will plan your project. You move ahead and apply your knowledge, experience and the available information to you and guess many things so that you can plan for your project.

Assumptions: Anything which you assume to be true in future based on your knowledge, experience and the information available to you and may not be true. If your assumption is not true then it will impact on the result of your project. Therefore whenever you assume something there will be risk and therefore Assumptions analysis is part of risk management process.
For example you have calculated that a particular task will take 2 days to complete and while calculating you have assumed that excavator machine would be there to get the task done but the reality is that the company’s excavator machine may not be available at that particular moment as it might be allocated for some other activity.

Constraints: Imposed Restriction on your project OR factor that will limit the team’s options in terms of Resources, budget, schedule, Scope and quality.
For example: The project has to be completed with only five resources within two months with $1000.

Constrains are generally out of your control. As it is out of your control therefore the best way to deal with them is to document them properly and develop a plan for that and then manage accordingly.


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  • Devinder
    Posted at 18:51h, 26 November

    Well explained. Thank you

  • Usman
    Posted at 10:18h, 07 December

    Indeed very true.

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